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The Natural Healing Alliance is working hard behind the scenes to form a not-for-profit organization. In addition, we are pursuing legal and lobbying advice.

As you know, there are administrative, legal and lobbying costs that come with being committed advocates for health freedom. Many of you have generously inquired about financially donating to assist the cause. We appreciate your support! We have completed the NHA ByLaws and are consulting with business advisors to create a not-for-profit structure, which will be able to accept tax-exempt donations. We will keep you posted :). Again, thank you for your continued support.

There are three possible outcomes from the Board as we see it:
  1. The Board "lets us go" - The Board states that the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Act and regulations do not apply to Energy and Light-touch practitioners.
  2. The Board continues its stance that Energy and Light-touch practitioners are included in the regulations as they currently exist.
  3. The Board creates separate credentialing and competency requirements for Energy and Light-touch practitioners under the NJ Massage and Bodywork regulations.
While possible, we do not think that the Board will create separate competency requirements because the Board has told us, on more than one occasion, and at previous Board meetings that they can not change the law, only interpret the law. The regulations are based on the law. More likely are the first two scenarios. Regardless of whether the Board "lets us go", or continues its stance, we still need to lobby for either a formal amendment to the current law, or a new law to officially exempt energy and light-touch practitioners from the current law. This is necessary because the Board can change its stance at any time.

We would also like to remind our community about the importance of creating our own competency standards of practice, which will raise our professionalism and further integrate us into western healthcare.

Now more than ever, we need to proactively pursue legal and lobbying advice and support.

At this juncture, we are working within the limits of our expertise, time and financial resources. We are looking for people who are willing to donate their skills and expertise in the following areas:
  1. Legal: We have written draft NHA ByLaws in order to form a not-for-profit. Now we are looking for a qualified individual to provide a legal review of the ByLaws.
  2. Marketing & Media: We need advice on the best way to continue to raise awareness amongst the NJ Energy and Light-Touch community, as well as the communities in which we live.
  3. Legislative & Lobbying: We have been in contact with pro-bono attorneys from the National Health Freedom Coalition (www.nationalhealthfreedom.org) in Minnesota. While the NHFC is a tremendous resource whom we will continue to consult with, we still need people who understand local New Jersey politics.
  4. Not-For-Profit Fundraising: We need people who have the skills and expertise in fundraising for start-up not-for-profit organizations.
If you, or anyone you know can assist us, please email us at: info@naturalhealingalliance.org.

The next meeting of the NJ Board of Massage and Bodwyork Therapies is on October 23, 2013 at 9am.

We have requested to be on the October 23 agenda. The stance we are proposing to take goes to the root of why we have licensing.The purpose of licensing is to protect the public from "significant harm". In our agenda request, we will be asking the Board to address the question, "Do you consider light-touch modalities that affect the energy fields of the body to cause significant harm to the public?" If the answer is, "yes", we will ask them to show evidence supporting this assertion. If the answer is no, we are asking them to acknowledge that the NJ Massage and Bodywork Licensing Act does not apply to us.

Based on our listening and observations of the Board, here are some guidelines you may find useful if you wish to communicate with the Board at the next meeting:
  • Avoid personal stories of the effectiveness of your particular modality, or how the regulations will affect your livelihood. The Board has heard these stories many times already. The Board has told us that they have taken our stories into consideration and that their duty is interpreting the law.
  • Avoid discussion of the spiritual nature of your modality. The Board's duty is to interpret the law regardless of the Spiritual tenets or benefits of the modality.
  • Ensure that what you have to say is factual, new information that helps provide a specific resolution (e.g., "The law does not apply to us.")
In addition, here are some Gandhi Guidelines for peaceful protesting:
  • "We affirm our unity with others when we transform 'us' verses 'them' thinking and doing."
  • "Humiliating or deliberately provoking your opponent invites violence."
  • "Knowing your facts and arguments helps avoid violence."
  • "If you are open about your cause, your opponent is less likely to be violent."
  • "Look for common ground between you and your opponent to promote trust and understanding."

Even if we do not make the agenda, we will speak when appropriate to do so. We encourage you to join us at the meeting and offer your presence to show support for the Energy and Light-Touch Healing Art community.

  1. We are continuing our dialogue with the National Health Freedom Coalition and local legislators about lobbying and exemption.
  2. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their expertise - legal, marketing, legislative and not-for-profit business development.
  3. Numbers are power, help spread awareness by reaching more people. Pass this email along to your colleagues and encourage them to join the Natural Healing Alliance.
We remain committed to the cause and keeping you informed.

Susan & Andrea
The Natural Healing Alliance.

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